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Five ways to relax at work (Mexico City)

Hello All!

Here is my article about five amazing ways to relax at work when you almost have no time. Let´s face it we all been there. Hope you like


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Work is the place where you are expected to perform the best, to be productive, deal with clients and have impeccable meetings. Don´t forget those very demanding clients and all has a very tight dead line.
Here are 5 effective ways that you can use to relax when you are super busy at work, reducing stress will not only allow you to perform better but also your health will thank you for that. Stress seriously damage your health and also damage your relationships with your loved ones.
1.- Stretch after 20 minutes of work
This is specially helpful if you use the pomodoro technique. You stay focus on a task for 20 minutes avoiding any kind of distractions, 5 minutes break after that. Pomodoro is in fact is what I´m using as I write this article. Stretching is extremely beneficial for your body increases blood flow to the muscle, improve your performance and enables your muscles to work most effectively.
Stretching only takes a few minutes and you could do it right in your desk by stretching your arms, hands, neck and back. You could also go to the bathroom and have a full body stretch if you very subconscious about people seeing you stretching.

2.- Use calming breath
Simple technique 3 steps first you take a long, slow breath in your nose first filling your lower lungs then your upper lungs second hold your breath to the count of three and finally exhale slowly through pursed lips.
This simple yet very powerful technique will relax immediately your stomach, face, jaw and shoulders. Remember breath increases the amount of oxygen that your brain gets,
3.- Healthy desk snacks
Healthy snacks are life savers even on those chaotic days where you just don´t have the time to leave your office and eat properly. Here are some of the best HDS: Nuts, almonds, pistachios, string cheese, grapes, blueberry, red berry, bananas and apples, dark chocolate, Greek yogurt.
4.- Hydration
Water really is a very obvious one, human body is 60% water, is essential to proper circulation in the body. The levels of oxygen are greater when the body is well hydrated will give you more energy.
5.- Visualization for successful outcome

See yourself performing skills at a high level, if you are about to prepare a very important presentation, imagine as if you already finish the presentation and your boss and clients are shaking your hand for such good job.

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