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Free MBA Consulting for your business (Mexico City)

Hey guys,

Thunderbird (#1 school in International Business) is where I got my MBA, and a couple of the professors there have their students do real-life consulting projects as a part of their coursework.

One class is a Marketing Communications class, which can design a Marketing Communications strategy for your business, the other is an Organizational Consulting class, which is more flexible in the types of projects they can do, depending on the expertise of the students signed up for the class.

The Marketing Communications (MarCom) class does their work virtually and is completely free, the Org Consulting class allows you to bring a team of consultants into your business for ~6-8 weeks full time - the consulting is free, but you would be required to cover travel expenses.

If any of you are interested, send me a direct message & I'll put you in touch!



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