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Hiring! Part Time Copy Editors (Mexico City)

Daily responsibilities;
• Read the news on InfoQ and making “light touch” corrections which will be roughly 10,000 words/week spread over the entire week
• Review and fix the summaries which will be about Protected content summaries a week for articles and presentations
• The copy editor might have to review the main weekly newsletter However, if the first two requirements are done then this may not be a necessity.
• Review articles for the department head and the rest of the editorial team which would be an additional12,000 words/week
• Based on the required work, the team estimates this job would require about 15 hours a week, assuming the editor can review about Protected content per hour.
What we seek;
• This is a work from home role as it is with most of InfoQ/C4Media opportunities.
• It is important the ideal candidate exemplifies the core values of the company. (Accountability, Integrity, Mastery, Service and Transparency)
• Ideally the copy editor should be native English speaker.
• Because it is a work from home role, it is important this person is comfortable working independently with little direction. However, is confident to ask for help when needed.
• The ideal candidate must have the ability to communicate and work effectively with writers about changes to their articles.
• To ensure success within this role having an understanding of technology and terms or at least have the ability to look up information.
• This copy editor should understand the difference between US and British English and ensure continuity of the voice.
• As the manager of this role is based in the UK, it is ideal for the copy editor to be located in a nearby timezone or willing to work off hours to be available for conference calls.

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