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Hiring teachers - Multicultural pgm for Children (Mexico City)


My company is currently piloting a very special project in the United States, Ireland and Mexico. The project aims to develop multilingual, multicultural children; children who will grow up to be global citizens.

I’m looking to contact people from eleven different cultures who could teach children ages Protected content unique culture and language. The cultures I’m specifically targeting are:

• English
• Spanish
• Indian (Hindi)
• Russian
• Chinese (Mandarin)
• Egyptian (Arabic)
• German
• Japanese
• Vietnamese (North-Central)
• Portuguese
• French (Paris)

My company is specifically looking to hire people who, above all, are passionate about working with children. Just as important, we’re looking for people who understand the importance of education and its role in shaping the life of the individual and, therefore, our communities and world. Essentially, we’re looking for people who want to commit their time and effort to educating our future leaders. We believe given their education, these children will have the potential to uphold and promote a more ethical, peaceful world.

Here are the requirements for candidates to qualify for one of our positions. The candidate must:
1. have grown up in one of the above cultures;
2. speak, write and read their native language fluidly and without a foreign accent;
3. speak English (in order to receive the necessary training);
4. be willing to work in either Mexico City or Monterrey.

I’ve created a brief questionnaire to help me assess candidates to see if we have a match. If you know of someone who would make a good candidate, please send me his or her contact information (you’re also welcome to forward mine).

Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you,

Loreta Garza Davila
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