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How dangerous Mexico City REALLY is?

fellow expats!
having lived in Monterrey a few years back, I am familiar with Mexico´s current situation.
CDMX however is a whole new ballgame (they say), I´m moving there very soon so my question to you is:

is it really that dangerous? Should the metro be avoided at all costs (you´ll be robbed and/or groped)? Is it true that you shouldn`t have your mobile out when walking on the streets as it will surely be grabbed from you?
Driving: apart from the obvious (you need nerves of steel to drive in DF), how often are people robbed and/or kidnapped at gunpoint when waiting at the lights?

i´ll be working and living close to the US embassy so I am not worried about that area, but what about the city overall?

just wondering whether all the warnings are true or exaggerated.
i know it´s a very broad question for a 20-million metropoly but would love to hear from those of you who live there (ladies especially).

any info would be appreciated.

thank you and see you soon at one of Internations events!

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