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How to get a job in Mexico ? (Mexico City)

Please help me make my dreams come true:) Im a polish girl, 25 years old, last year I was in Mexico City for fiew months and I fell in love with this place and with the people.. since then I trully desire to come back (im back in Poland right now) The plan is to go back and stay for a longer period of time. I speak english and spanish fluent and very well-but beeing here isnt so easy to applyu for a job- and it would be easier to plan everything before leaving Poland. I worked at comanies, offices and in an embassy so pretty well experience. Please could you guys advise me anything ? Where to look for where to start or maybe anyone need a polish translator or teacher? :D I will be very greatfull for any help and I love this page - saludos for all internation members who spend so nice time there!

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