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in search of a bilingual guardería in Polanco (Mexico City)

Hi everybody,
I am new in this forum and just in the process of moving to D.F. My husband is already living and working in the city, our daughter and I are ment to follow the next month.
I wondered if anybody could give some good advice on a bilingual nursery for our daughter in the area of Polanco. We looked at a couple, but honestly spaeking didn't quite find the right thing yet. Does anybody have any experience with Baby Bee?
And what about Eton? They do have a nursery/school if I am correctly informed? They seem to be really expensive and I still have no feeling if they are worth the money for the four hours they are offering a day. Any thoughts/experiences on this topic? I would be very greatful for any response.
Ah, by the way: our child is 18 month old and grows up with German, Italian and Russian. Here in Germany her nursery also has a full time English teacher. That is really what we are looking for in D.F. as well.
Many thanks in advance for any help!

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