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Looking for talents in Mexico City



I am launching a website soon-ish and it has lot of features and sections, It will be in 3 languages.
If anyone interested to collaborate, I am looking for:

- One person or more, or even a company to handle the Tours section, Post any type of tours you can arrange in the city.People can book and pay online. This section is ready, just need the tours. No Alcohol, No drugs and preferably no smoking.

- Webshow hosts for different sections to share your expertise on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, up to you as long as there is a consistent schedule. Shows can be about Art, Real Estate, Startups, Digital Media in MX, Cooking etc..

- Models & Brand Ambassadors: Females between 18 and 30 to promote certain products and services in blog posts, social media, and videos.

- Trainers / Instructors: Our Learning System is almost ready, you can teach any topic you like: English, Spanish, Design, Development, Management, knitting, etc.. You set the course price or offer it free and you can schedule test and quizzes.

- Interns to research and curate content.

The site is on a shoestring budget, but it provides a plaform to get extra income and grow your portfolio.

Anyone interested, please get in touch.

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