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Mexico City - Creative Industries

Hi, my names Brendan and I'm 25 from Sydney, Australia. I've recently made the decision to move to Mexico City (arrive in December) to live with my girlfriend (who's Mexican) and I'm just wondering about work and gaining employment.
I currently run my own record label and also manage a cafe in Sydney. I have previously worked as a booking agent in a music booking agency as well as a tour manager/assistant artist manager at a record label/management company. Prior to these roles I was a litigation support clerk for 3 years in a legal company and prior to that the head screen printer in a screen printing company.
My passions are music and advertising and these are two areas I am hoping to gain employment within. Is anyone familiar/working in these areas and can help point me in the direction of the best way to gain employment within either of these areas?
I have great depth of knowledge across the music, advertising and fashion industries both in Australia and abroad and am becoming familiar with these industries in Mexico through research.
I hope someone is able to give me a better insight into the employment process as this is a key part of me moving to Mexico City.

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