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Moving to DF in August! (Mexico City)

Hello all - i am moving over to Mexico in August and would be really appreciative of some pointers/advise.

Not to get into too much detail - but i was made redundant a few months ago from a Risk Consultancy firm here in Singapore, and have decided to take this opportunity and move to Mexico (my boyfriend moved there in December). Although i am fully aware I will not get any corporate jobs at the moment, as i have no level of Spanish. However I have just got my CELTA teaching qualification from the British Council in Singapore, and am hoping to pick up a teaching job as well as to study spanish for the next year.

I have looked at a few teaching opportunities already over the internet and was really suprised at how low the salary is - USD720 a month - is this the average salary? And would you be able to live on this? If anyone has any experience in teaching in Mexico City and any places they would reccomend - i would greatly appreictae any advise!

Thanks in advanced.

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