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NORMAL to accept a cut in pay when MOVING ABROAD?? (Mexico City)


I've been offered the opportunity to move to Mexico DF to start up the new branch of the company I currently work for in the Netherlands. I receive a decent salary here and was under the impression I would be receiving the same or even a raise for relocating and working 2 different jobs and being available 24/7 for the dutch office etc.

They have now informed me that I would be receiving a market conform salary for Mexico and not the Netherlands. I find this very strange since I am giving so much more for this position and I will have an enormous amount of responsibility but they want to pay me 1/4 of what I get here. They say that it takes a lot less money to maintain my same standard of living in Mexico but I feel that I know what I am worth and and they should pay me the way they have been here in NL. They are willing to keep me working in the Netherlands on my current salary but I would receive less in Mexico for longer hours and more work....??

Has anyone else experienced something like this? Is this normal? Any info or comments would be greatly appreciated.