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November 5 -- Culture Day in Brazil (Mexico City)

Brazil is a country whose main brand is the cultural mix. Since the beginning of its history, the country was characterized by the presence of different people and cultures, so that their base had great diversity and mixture.
Here the tribes living in a warrior culture, very close to nature and in Protected content Portuguese settlers arrived, bringing European Culture, with a strong Arabic influence.

The use of black African as slaves in the colony, also brought new beliefs, language and customs, which were gradually blending and integrating to the local culture. Later, with the end of slavery, other people also arrived in the country, including Italians, Germans and Japanese, each adding to Brazil a new cultural detail.
With all this mixture of peoples and cultures, it is no surprised that Brazil has in its language customs, religion and cultural events unique features that may resemble other world cultures, but always has its particular details.

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