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Professional Content Editor and Translator (Mexico City)

I am a freelance international correspondent, writer, producer and content strategist with a background in investigative reporting, business accountability research, broadcast journalism, and translation/website localization. I am currently a legal translator for an international law firm based in Mexico City. I am available for all your translation and content editing needs in English, Spanish and German.

In a digital world, it's all about content. I write it, localize it, translate it, and find ways to distribute it. Content strategy is part and parcel to all areas of global communications, and includes writing, blogging, translation and organizational messaging in all areas of communications management for non-profits, corporations or individuals. However, we content specialists are faced with a grave dilemma that needs to be resolved. The Internet has, to a large extent, commodified content. To this end, I am investigating alternative revenue models to put the value back into content, writing and journalism. We must develop new ways to preserve space for quality information gathering online and in print. And the key to unlocking global information access and exchange is language.

If you are need of quality translation and content editing services done by a professional journalist and content editor, do not hesitate to contact me: Protected content

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