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Puebla - moving with family (Mexico City)


i am planning to move with my family to Puebla for 1 year.
i have so many questions, specially because of my family
anyone can help please?

some of my questions ?
- is it possible to find a home in Puebla that allows my wife to take my daugher to kindengarden by foot ? of course i would like to find a good school
- Is it easy for my wife to get a part-time ?
- Is it possible for european to buy a car and drive (my wife)
- how is healtchare for my daughter ?

one of my main concerns is if my wife cannot get a part-time, she is not the type of person to just stay at home all day during one year !

what can be the price of a 2 room apartment, secure and with furniture.

when arriving to puebla, i plan to go alone the 1st 2 weeks or 1 month, maybe stay in hotel during that time.

can anybody share experiences of moving, specially if from Europe.

Thank you so much

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