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Pure & off viruses and bacteria water and air. (Mexico City)

Living in México City?
We know water and air is contaminated, please let me tell you that at your place, home or office, you can have Water and Air pure and off viruses and bacteria. Plus, you can help the environment by stop buying PET bottles and your health by consuming toxic chemical substances.

Free delivery to any place in México.

PiMag® Water Technology
PiMag Water Technology begins with a high-tech, multiple-stage filtration system based on natural materials to clean water without chemicals. It adds Nikken magnetic technology and ceramic elements that impart minerals to produce pi water, known in Asia for decades. The result is a unique water system that is more environmentally sound, more cost-effective and more practical than commercially bottled water.

Air Wellness® Technology
Air Wellness Technology combines multistage filtration (including a state-of-the-art ULPA filter), negative-ion generation and a unique system that operates without producing ozone, a toxic gas that is an unfortunate byproduct of other air systems. Only Air Wellness products offer all these features in combination.

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