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Quality Events (Mexico City)

Dear Mexico City community

As you may already notice our events are getting bigger, which is awesome and is an excellent oportunity to do some networking, make new friends and just relax, which is the main purpose of our Get Togethers.

Danilo and I are receiving continuous feedback and support from different members that want to help us to get even better and we appreciate this a lot. We love to make all these coordinations and set all the enviroment for nice events.

We want to open this to all members and if you know available places, sponsors or you can contribute in any other way to the IN Mexico City community your comments and help will be greatly appreaciated. The best way to help, is that each one of us add value to events.

You can post your comments here or a private message to Danilo and is ok too.

Looking forward hearing from you.

Maria Piedad & Danilo.
Mexico City Ambassadors

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