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Scam Alerts (Mexico City)

I have in the recent weeks been on the lookout for a job in Mexico City. I have tried to follow up on various online companies and companies on the lookout for people to invest their money even if they dont really know the person on the other end. I soon realized that most of the companies really only wants your money but just out of curiosity I started following up on these companies just to see what they where really about. Here are some big hints on what to look for:
If anyone asks you to invest in an online company that you have not heard about, stay away!
If the offer is to good to be true it usually is.
If they need to convince you with videos and testimonies from people that used to work there that should be a red flag right there. YOU are the one investing not the other way around.
If your contact is aggressively following up on you with promises of big payouts and great benefits you should ask yourself: Why would a milliondollar grossing company be so desperat for someone they dont even know?
If anyone wants you to invest in what is known as a "Pyramid Scheme" you should know that 90% of the time you would invest more money and more time than you actually would get back. These companies aim to make you invest in so called "life changing" products such as coffee,vitamins, dieting products, herbal-products, all products that wont ever expire or go out of "fashion". There is a reason why they use these products. Stay away!
If you think that a company might actually be legit just do a fast google search with the company name followed by -scam. There are various sites both in Europe and in the US that will red-flagg these companies.
With this message I do not intend to hurt anyone that is actually doing this in a legal and correct way I just want people to be careful and not waste their money.
Again: If it is to good to be true it usually is!

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