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Self Healing focused on Nutrition (Mexico City)

Reconnect with traditions, earth and human relations.To knead is to flow and reflow
like the waves of the sea
It has the rhythm of breathing
as always to love.
To slide lose and softly
over the dough over the table
pushing without hurry or slothfulness
it is a simple and ancient dance.

In a globalized world our natural foods are in danger of being lost. Which is why we would like to take part in the work to conserve real bread.

The success of creating homemade bread does not depend only on using the right ingredients in the correct amounts but also on the care it is prepared and kneed with. Yet it is not complicated or require knowledge of deep secrets. It has been elaborated since ancient times with the most basic elements imaginable. Never the less, if we work it correctly we can obtain a product worthy of envy by and baker.

The bread is whole wheat because the world is recreated through the use of the four elements.

It is a curative magic, an intimate and sacred contact. It is a small action that transcends time and place, it touches the entire planet.

It is whole, because is complete. It is whole because it communicates to human.

It is whole because is conceived and kneaded with love and hands. It is whole because dough and the baker integrates it in a substantial way.

The main objective of the workshop is to make magic in mystical magic.

A small action that affects the planet and touches the universe.

It is a creativity to the body. Besides the bread is present in one of the most important moments when we communion with lunch.

This is a very hard and satisfactory routine. I think the secret is to do it each day with love and genuine interest. I think that's the big secret. There is no other.

Our 2-day intensive courses are designed so you can bring your excitement about Bread to new heights levels, to share and delight your Family and Friends.

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