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Wine names - I need your opinion (Mexico City)

Hello all,

A friend of mine in the marketing sector urgently needs an opinion regarding a list of potential names for a new wine. The list is below.

I would appreciate your feedback regarding the questions below

Please send it *today Friday* to Protected content

Do you know any wine with any of the following names?

Which one would be in your opinion the best name for a new wine?

Which name(s) should not be used?

Saraceno (or should it be Sarraceno?)
Tierra y sol
Tierra de luz
Coto de luz
Viña alta
Arc de Felipe
¡Dios mío!
Cielo y Tierra
El tajo
Viña de luz

I would appreciate your feedback (send it to Protected content in English, Spanish, French, German or Italian as soon as possible.

Thanks a lot and best regards from Mexico City,


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