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DISC PERSONALITY ASSESSMENT IS A TOOL UTILIZED BY Fortune 50 companies. The benefits are clear and measurable.

Benefits of the DISC profile include:
• Understanding behavioral strengths and challenges in one's self and in others
• Learning to appreciate the differences and strengths of others
• Discovering tools for dealing with conflict effectively
• Enhancing teamwork and reducing team conflict
• Developing strategies and awareness to deal with diversity of people and their communication styles and needs
• Increasing sales skill by understanding how clients or customers behave and make decisions
• Improving customer relationships and customer satisfaction
• Reducing personal and organizational conflict, stress and turnover
• Improving communication skills and sharpening communication styles

On a personal level, DISC will help you:
• Better understand one's strengths and shortcomings
• Be more tolerant of other behavioral styles and appreciate diversity
• Adapt one's style to specific clients or audience
• Become more efficient by being able to quickly tap into people’s strengths to achieve successful results

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