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Looking for..friends in Miami


Dear all, my name is Manuela and I'm from Italy, been living in Rome up to date for 15 years. I will tell you a few things about me so that you can have a clear idea of what I'm looking for as well as of the person I am. I'm 36 and broke with my boyfriend almost one year ago, in November, and it was very hard to start a new life on my own at this age.. Now I'm getting better and better, and I want to do all the things I can which I could not do before as I was completely devoted to him. Miami is a dream for me. I don't have a friend with as much time as I do to accompany me on this journey, so I was thinking about hosting families and so on. To come there would mean to explore as much as I can of the city, its life, both night and day. I would love so much if you could assist me with this while there as friends, obviously depending on your free time. I'd love to live Miami as much as I can. Could you be able to help me make my dream come true? I was also wondering what's the weather like in November/December...are beaches crowded, is weather hot so that I can enjoy a real summer? I'm considering coming there in mid November for Protected content . I've told you the spirit this journey would have. I hope you won't be too much surprised by my message, it's quite difficult to communicated all I need and intend to (stay at home with other people in Miami..), but I'm sure we will be able to clear everything, if needed, in our next mail exchange. Thank you in advance for all information and your help. I really look forward to hearing from you as I really can't wait to arrange the whole trip. Warm hugs from Italy and all the best, Manuela

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