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New Orleans chef seeks opportunity - (Miami)

I currently reside in New Orleans, LA and love much of what this city has to offer, but find myself not feeling so loved back in return. I have a passion for find foods and a lifetime of experience, but due to the fact I "have not worked in the right place" I am continually told I am not qualified for any positions they have open, or that I am "overqualified" for any positions they have.

New Orleans is a city that celebrates life in everything it does, and I love that passion for life, but it also focuses alot of energy on the history and past, as such, is almost afraid of change and (necessary) evolution. The cuisine I create is what I call Creole'politan, it is a refinement of the traditional foods that New Orleans is world famous for. (see my website for examples while I have a handful of moral support here, the financial and professional support is virtually non-existent. It has been virtually impossible for me to get into the industry at a level that will allow me to utilize the creative skills I have, and I feel as though I am at a dead end my staying here (unless I find someone with money to invest in opening my own restaurant).

Please let me know what you think of my menu, check out my resume, and let me know if there are any positions you feel would be suited to someone of my creative bent.

I am open to catering, restaurant, and private positions. and have experience in menu creation and costing, labor and staff management, recipe creation, inventory and ordering, and all aspects of operations as they relate to the running of a successful Kitchen (commercially).

Someone give this chef an opportunity to be who he is, there has to be somewhere in the world that is looking for food that has flavor, freshness, presentation, and refinement....but is still approachable by the masses.

Chef Kevin Smith
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