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° If you are the kind of SECULAR, HUMANISTIC, ATHEIST person who came to this world to improve it, and to make a footprint on it... then, this might be your call! I need a Translator into ARABIC.
Money is not bad, YET is not just money what motivates my Translators!!

* This service is to translate a book that contradicts the DOGMA of most religions. It is titled "THE IGNORANCE OF FAITH", and has already been translated from Spanish into English (September), into Portuguese (October), into German (November), and into French (December). You can have a peek of any language Editions in Amazon, and Barnes&Noble ("Look Inside" feature).

* It has been selected by ESCRITORES ATEOS from Spain, as one of the 84 “Atheist Books of All Times”. The Author´s name is there among Darwin, Freud, Hawkins, Vallejo, .... :O)
* This is your chance to do a positive thing for this world. :O).

= You could translate from English, or Spanish, or Portuguese, or French, or German ... into Arabic.
Can you do it?
° You could be recognized in the book as the Translator, or you can remain anonymous if you prefer. That´s up to you!
What I pay to my translators is $ 500.
Then $200 for the proofreading, sometimes that goes to a different person. Depending!

The book without illustrations has Protected content (regular Georgia font, 10 pica). So it comes to about $5 / page for translation, and $2 / page for proofreading.
* I will give you about 6 weeks to do those Protected content , which means you will have to do -about- 2 pages / day. If you are not a procrastinator, that should take 1 hour/ day.

What I will be sending you?
* [1] The English version (or any other language edition) as a PDF file.
* [2] A rough translation of the book in Arabic, made by Google Translate ( Protected content ). This amounts to something like 60% of the work, already done for you, but need to do the other 40% to make sure the semantics make sense.

= It was -originally- going to be a book in Modern Physics, a text book that is, and only for Physics students. For the most part, still is a textbook in Modern Physics, but especially oriented towards Astrophysics, Metaphysics and Religion. It is neither insulting nor offensive, but surely is somewhat sarcastic toward the established religions.

= Has a title somewhat shocking, because that reflects what the book arrives to. Yet, it's not a pejorative term such as "The Whore of Babylon" (by Colombian writer Fernando Vallejo").

= It is written in fairly simple language, yet, a solid knowledge in science would help. Complexity has been moved to appendices. The book can be followed and understood by people who are over 13 years of age. Families can read it together, provided they have an open religious mentality.

= Possibly the first ones acquiring it, would be groups of physics students, and secular societies: humanists, agnostics and atheists. I'll be very happy the day I am told the book is taking acceptance in most universities, and even with the clergy: priests, nuns, and those in monasteries.
This is like Nicolaus Copernicus, Giordano Bruno, and Galileo Galilei ... revisited again!
Remember that 2 out of those 3 were clergy people!

I am sure the more pragmatic, and avant-garde, Dalai Lama would probably love to read it! :O)
The more backward Pope, would probably hate it, and same thing applies to the Ayatollahs! :O(

* If you are qualified to translate a serious text book, then ... I am counting on you! :O)
(this is not a letter from a girlfriend, or a simple web-page)
* Thank you.

Prof. Eng. Mst. John Xuna (also go by Juan, and by Xoán) … check me on the Internet.
Former InterNations Ambassador in Asunción Paraguay.

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