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Healthcare and Education in Miami

Bienvenidos a Miami! Most expats living in Miami experience a whirlwind of cultural impressions. Indeed, Miami has more in store for you than the average American city. Read our Expat Guide to learn more about Miami’s cultural makeup, demographics, healthcare, and transportation.
Miami-Fort Lauderdale metro area has over 60 hospitals.

Not Affordable for Everyone: Healthcare Facilities in the US

The US healthcare system offers some of the most extensive services and the best facilities in the entire world. Modern treatment methods and excellent medical staff are available all over the country. However, only a small percentage of the population can afford top-notch services. Despite the Affordable Care Act, which aims to make healthcare services more widely available and affordable, the USA is still the only developed nation with no comprehensive national healthcare plans.

Currently, there are two public health insurance plans: Medicare and Medicaid. Medicare caters to pensioners and disabled citizens while Medicaid covers people with a particularly low income. Additionally, the Connecting Kids to Coverage Challenge aims to provide health insurance to uninsured children.

Health Services in Miami

Should you ever get sick or suffer injury, Miami isn’t the worst place to be. The Miami-Fort Lauderdale metropolitan area is well equipped with its over 60 hospitals. One of the best is Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital. Hand-in-hand with the University of Miami’s School of Medicine, it conducts significant research work in, for instance, the fields of eye and blood diseases. However, the hospital also offers high-quality health services to their patients and houses Ryder Trauma Center, which treats the vast majority of trauma victims in Miami-Dade County.

Of course, you are free to also turn to Miami’s other healthcare institutions, which include:

For more information on US doctors and hospital care, including advice on how to choose a doctor, how to handle medical bills, and what to do in case of an emergency, take a look at our Extended Guide article. 

Education Options in Miami for Expat Kids

Education in the US is divided into elementary school, middle school or junior high, and high school or senior high. Upon graduating high school, students receive their high school diploma and thus potentially qualify for higher education. However, enrollment in a US university may require further tests and examinations.

Expat parents should carefully consider whether to choose a public or private school for their children. While public schools are open to all children in their respective districts, the lack of a nationwide curriculum means that there can be considerable discrepancies in education standards. Private schools typically offer facilities of a higher quality. However, tuitions usually reflect this and can be fairly steep. Whichever you prefer, you should make sure to gather as much information as possible and visit the schools before enrolling your child.

Sending your children to an international school is another option, and possibly the better one if you do not plan on staying in Miami for the long term. Of course, it is still just as important to make a well-informed decision. One thing to consider is that the staff at international schools often has plenty of experience with expat kids. In Miami-Dade County, you’ll find schools such as the French American School of Miami and the Metropolitan International School of Miami.

Additionally, a list of private schools, kindergartens, and preschools in Miami can be found at

Parents and expat kids who would like to learn more about the school system and schooling options in the United States should read our article on schools in the US.


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