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Need volunteers to help us test SMS/TXT reception (Micronesia)

Hello all,

I run a mobile connectivity company in Singapore. We provide SMS / TXT connectivity to banks and retailers, enabling them to send SMS to mobile phones worldwide. Most of our messages are one-time PINs to secure online banking, provide airline booking confirmations, mobile tickets etc.

We have a major retail customer who wants to use our services to reach their customers in Guam and the CNMI but we first need to get an idea how well our messaging coverage works there. We're therefore looking for volunteers to receive a few test messages on your mobile phone.

Specifically, we're looking for volunteers who have an active, local mobile phone in Guam or Saipan/CNMI and who are not roaming (i.e. you have a local cellphone number and not a US mainland one or one from another country). We'll ask for your phone number, and will send you a series of Protected content messages over the next week. Each time you receive a test message, we'd ask that you email us the details (date/time, test code from the message, etc) as soon as it's convenient.

In return for your help, we'd be happy to email each selected participant a US$10 or iTunes gift voucher to say thanks.

If you're wiling to help, please send me a private message on InterNations or email me at Protected content with your email address, mobile number and what cellphone provider you're subscribed to (e.g. Docomo Pacific). Please don't post your phone number publicly here! We'll notify those people who we've selected for the test and email you further details with how the test process works.

Once the test is complete, we'll not SMS / TXT you again unless you consent to participating in a further test. No spamming, no sharing of your details - promise!

Thanks in advance,

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