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Living in Micronesia

Situated in the Pacific Ocean, with beautiful views and perfect tropical weather all year round, the Federated States of Micronesia is an ideal destination for any expat looking for a more peaceful lifestyle. Nevertheless, make sure you’re up to speed on healthcare, transportation and safety concerns.

The Federated States of Micronesia, a peaceful and laid back nation, which consists of four separate islands; Chuuk, Yap, Pohnpei and Kosrae — has low crime and tax rates and a steadily increasing tourism industry, making Micronesia a dream location for expats.

Healthcare in Micronesia 

Each of the four islands in Micronesia has its own well equipped hospital. The most modern, major hospital can be found on the isle of Pohnpei. Pohnpei State Hospital is an easily accessible health facility, located in the capital city of Palikir. There are also dental services and health clinics throughout the country.

The cost of healthcare can vary between hospitals and clinics; some of these establishments will ask for cash payments or insist on seeing evidence of insurance. For this reason, health insurance is highly recommended before travelling.

Where there is a shortage of medical supplies and equipment, certain urgent cases are referred to the neighboring islands of Hawaii and Guam, where contemporary medical facilities can be found. 

Transportation in Micronesia

Car rental is the most efficient and least expensive way to travel around Micronesia. There are dozens of car rental facilities throughout the islands offering great services at affordable prices. Make sure you secure an International Driving Permit before moving to Micronesia, as you will need this license to hire a car.

In the city centers, road conditions are good and traffic is minimal. However in more rural regions of Micronesia, the roads remain unpaved and driving can be hazardous.

Another great way to explore Micronesia is to take a water taxi. There are four thriving international seaports in the country. Day trips and excursions regularly leave from each of these marinas, offering fast and easy transport between islands.

Safety and Security in Micronesia

Crime rates in Micronesia are relatively low. There are very little incidents of serious crime in the country although petty crimes such as pick-pocketing and shoplifting are regularly reported. Foreigners are particularly prone to crimes such as petty theft, and extra care should be taken with belongings when travelling around.

Expats, especially women, are advised to avoid walking alone in Chuuk after dark. However, Micronesia is generally a safe and secure place to live. In cases of emergency, the police are quick to respond and easily reached by dialing 911.

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