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Advice on moving to Monza (Milan)

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if someone could tell me a bit about living in Monza. I currently live in Amsterdam and was raised in London, so two very different cities, and from what I can see Monza is also very different. I may be moving to Monza to teach at a private high school and would really like some tips on the lifestyle and culture there.

A few things I would like to know:

-Are there options for good places to go out in the evening and what sort of nightlife people have in Monza
-The food culture
-Arts culture / alternative scene (I am not expecting so much compared to Amsterdam, but I am hopeful!)
-Cost of living (my salary won't be amazing - I am a teacher after all)
-How easy it would be to make friends with local 20/30-something year olds (not so easy in Amsterdam as they "stick to their own")

Any advice would be very much appreciated and who knows, maybe I will see you there soon!



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