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Authenticity april 2011 (Milan)

Dear All,

Since September I and Mauro have organised several meetings following the “Authenticity” guidelines we stated….the feeling is that many Italian and foreigners mingled and mixed enjoying a Authentic Milano” which is not always known.

Now the sun has started again to warm up our days and nights, some friendships have developed and we know each other a bit more….and more and more are joining us.

We wish then to make two proposals.

The first one is to ask each of you to feel free to make proposal about new places to visit in the city for aperitivo and dinner (once or twice per month is still a good frequence).

The second is to start thinking enjoying some “daily or week end based trips” to appreciate the authentic italy that surround us ( I heard of “ville del palladio”, Emilia Romagna cities, and Liguria coast (genova, 5 terre and so on)….of course its not possible to have a professional organization for big groups…but I am sure we are good enough to co ordinate or auto organise…having some “shared ideas”…we can use the Authenticity platform to support also your ideas!

How do you feel?

Any leader out there? (I have the feeling women have become more “directive” than men…so guys pls that I am wrong!)

Ciao to everybody

Milan Forum