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Automobile Registration/Insurance (Milan)

My wife and I recently moved to Torino from Bahrain and shipped our vehicles in a container to Antwerp. Flew up to pick one up last weekend and was blown away by the cost to drive it back! With tollroads and petrol costs, we figured it was nearly 3 times as expensive. Unbelievable how they tax the avg. Italian here ... this is the stuff revolutions are made of. In any event, I now have the vehicle in Torino and next is to register it/ obtain license plates and get insurance. I've read other posts on the subject, however, mine has a bit of a twist to it. I do not have an International DL, but rather a Qatar driver's license (my USA license has expired and I'm unable to renew online). Soooo ... what are my options? The International DL seems like a waste of time. Thx. in advance for any assistance you care to provide.

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