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Bank suggestions for a student in Milan

Hi all. I'm a student, and I'm moving to Milan for university in September. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for banks.

I'm looking for something really easy to use, preferably where I can manage my money purely/mostly online or through a smartphone app. Something quite important to me would be to have a card which doesn't cost to use/withdraw abroad. Obviously I will only have a limited amount of money coming in every month, so something that doesn't charge me interest etc. to keep my money with them would also be preferable. If anyone has heard of the German start-up "Number26", I'm basically looking for something similar, until opening an account with them is available to Italy.

So far, I have found the ContoYellow by CheBanca! and the Conto Arancio by IngDirect, which seem to be good options (links below). Does anyone know anything about these two options? Are there any good alternatives anyone has found, that you are currently using? Any advice in general?

Thanks in advance!

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