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Biking around Milan

Hello to all Internations members,
living in Milan and surrounding areas!

My name's Mario, I recently joined Internations community and attended a couple of events meeting interesting people coming from everywhere, italians, foreigners...

Last Sunday, I joined an "English4Italian exchange" brunch, a nice formula proposed by a local member to practice "Englian" (English + Italian :) ).

To be honest the team was no so fair (5 Italians vs 1 American) but from that event a potential good idea came up: what about to arrange a "one day bike tour" around Milan on Saturday (or Sunday)?

Neither so demanding in terms of Km nor a bike race! :)
Just a quite "promenade", covering, ...mhhh, let me say, less than 30 Km!? Could be comfortable enough?

Concerning the choice of the path, it could be a classical one among "Ticino park" or "Naviglio Pavese" or "Varese Lake"...

I was wondering if someone could be interested in! This post is just to spy out and gather your feelings.


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