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Job description
We are looking for Learning & Development professionals, trainers, consultants and independent facilitators driven by hard work and willing to exclusively integrate in an adventurous, engaging, thriving, reputable forward-thinking Learning Group.

Job content includes transforming any learning experience into behavioral change.
Ability to create and maintain business relations with corporate clients.
Ability to carry out accurate needs analysis and activate proper channels to offer awesome, cost effective, fit for purpose, timely solutions in L&D and OD.
Desired Skills and Experience
Our candidate is both a consultant and a facilitator
S/He is bright, charming, unyielding, loyal, with a head full of ideas, intellectually fast, unassuming, accountable, fun to be with.

Applicants must be experienced in stand-up facilitation and behavioral training,
ready to surf the future in a fast-moving international company, rather than past-oriented individuals busy pinning down their securities. Also they must be willing to relocate (Branches in Rome, New York, Milan)

English at mother tongue level and fluent Italian.
German at mother tongue level and fluent Italian.

We will not consider candidates not showing proficiency in at least two idioms.

Scandinavians are welcome.

We offer a period of induction in Italy on a need basis, compensation according to market and seniority, international exposure and career plan, incentive plan, but above all we offer vision, excellence, growth, purpose.
Check our website Protected content for more info and send your resume to Protected content together with picture and a cover letter stating the reasons why you should be considered for the position.
About this companyFollowing company
Infinity stands for creativity in organization and learning development.
We are a community of gifted individuals with a strong sense of identity and self-government.
We internally develop our business speakers, facilitators and business futurists.

Founded in Protected content , Infinity is operating in Corporate environments throughout Europe and Asia (Headquarters: Rome, Milan). In Protected content has been registered in the State of New York to venture the US market.

At Infinity we design, promote and deliver unique learning work-life experiences for the Corporate World. We provide a launch pad for personal growth and organizational development. Something that can’t be easily dismissed.

We defy categories. We don’t fit easily into any box.
Not to be mainstream is at the core of our own existence.

Good doesn’t triumph because anybody tells it to.
Good triumphs when we push it and carry it and shout it and embrace it until it triumphs.
That’s what we’re doing here.

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