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Events for little kids and places to go to ? (Milan)

Hi everyone,
I got a daughter of 2 years old.
I am taking her often to the city centre, to the park, to the lake or to a few places like the Ippodromo, where she can play outside while e.g. I am having a coffee.
Where I come from, which is Antwerp/Belgium, there are many places where parents and friends can have a drink or lunch while in front of them, the kids are playing in the playground outside, right in front of them.
During the winter season, we have such places indoors too though I have to admit it's not the same.
Can anyone suggest similar places in Milan ?
And at the same time, I'd like to ask if anyone ever organises events on Saturday or Sunday for expats with kids, i.e. focused on activities for kids ?
Thank you all for your time and consideration !!

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