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Events in Milan's Bamboo Bar


Dear IN fellows, let me ask something in a constructive way.

One of IN Milan Member, Candice Tang (Counsel) used to organize events once every month or two at Armani Bamboo Bar.

I always found her organizing precise and accurate (only once at Milano Fashion Night, the Armani's staff didn't register the booking, but the event went well). I now see that one of IN Ambassador basically replicate the event in the same format and I was a bit surprised and asked my self how i would have been felt if something similar would have happended to me. Surely not happy.

So I am just asking what about if Ambassadors talk a bit more with Counsels in order to better coordinate activities, avoiding duplication and keep the Cousel motivated and part of the team. Maybe the spirit of the community will be reinforced in a positive and friendly way...

Just a tought....

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