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Fineco bank - beware of Luca Panchetti (Milan)


I'm posting this thread as a warning to people especially ex-pats who are thinking of opening a bank account in Milan.
The afore-mentioned guy, Luca Panchetti who works for Fineco bank, was actually referred to me by an Inter Nations member (who for now shall remain nameless), and I was assured by both that I would have no problem opening a bank account here.
This could not have been further from the truth.
I opened the bank account and then waited for my iban code to come through so I could get my salary deposited in my account. I had to ask Panchetti for the iban. He sent it to me, so I gave it to my employer. Hours later, Panchetti tells me the iban is not working because the government suddenly changed the laws (in the space of a few days after making the application to open the account), and now I have to provide a residency certificate to activate the account.
By this time, my employer has already transferred the money; this was done on November 9th.
Panchetti also tells me that I can get the residency certificate easily, I just have to go to the comune di milano and they'll give it to me immediately, he says. This is not true; you have to make an appointment, then somebody comes to your place to see if you really reside there etc, it's not straightforward because it's a bureaucratic process.
Then he tells me he doesn't know where my money is etc. I have had to contact him again and again to find out what has happened to my pay this month and I am still waiting for my money to return to my employer so that they can give me a cheque, so I can pay my rent etc.
My advice is that you avoid this guy like the plague. He is not to be trusted and he is not an honest guy.
if you're thinking of opening an account here in Milan...good luck.

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