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Friday13: ‘M'illumino di meno’ - Energy Saving day (Milan)

‘M'illumino di meno’, the energy saving initiative launched by Caterpillar, Radio 2, which symbolically switch off every year all over Italy, is now in its eleventh edition.

The usual call is to join a symbolic "energy silence" in the Energy Saving Day, February 13, Protected content make visible its attention to the issue of sustainability switching off the streets, shop windows, offices, classrooms and private homes, between 18 and 19.30, during the radio broadcast.

It is a symbolic action which for some years goes together also with the invitation to turn on, where possible, "clean lights", making use of renewable and intelligent lighting. The invitation is extended also to museums.
For example the Civic Aquarium of Milan and Verdeacqua again adhere to the "energy silence" and offer a guided tour of the tanks lighted only by torches on Friday 13 at 20:30.

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