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Guitar Lessons Online with Skype RGT registered (Milan)

"B2P" Beginner to Pro a Modern Method for Guitar written and taught by Rey More
Music is an International Language and as such not only do we need to know how to speak it but also to read and write it. "B2P"was written with this idea. In the past few years many people are teaching ways to learn how to play faster disregarding the music, using only tabs and many many times giving wrong information. "B2P"was written to give what others don't, bringing you forward, teaching you how to play in the right way! Chords,chord constructions, scales (major, minor pentatonics etc..), rhythm and lead play, riffs, learning how to read music while your are playing all in a fast and progressive way. Learn what others are not teaching you. Don't be fooled by the glam of just learning a few chords. If you take your guitar playing seriously then sign up online with skype or if you live in Toronto and want a 1 on 1 lesson (1 hour lessons ) at a reasonable price I'll come to your house, in either way you'll be spending less and always be in the comfort of your home. Half hour lessons are not a sufficient time to really get going, you get your guitar tuned and then what? You run through a few chords maybe a riff and? Time out! Online Skype lessons cost $100.00 for 4 lessons, how many of you pay that for 4 half hour lessons? How many times do you have to get out of the house rush through traffic and maybe even get there late? Sign Up Now !!!
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