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Guys, new fraud on renting - be cautious! (Milan)

Hi, guys, I have been trying to find an appartment and I faced a new fraud type with real estate sites (, and others). You can find posts about very good-looking apartments, in a nice and more or less central city zones at a good price (often they indicate that ALL costs (spese incluse) are included in this price below market - it's a first sign). As a rule, such posts are marked as 'by private owners' (privato), with no phone number and with the owner's first name only - it's a second sign. Responding to your interest (all answers I met were in Italian - but not ative speaking Italian) they will tell you some story: the apartment is just on the pictures, I'm the only owner, it is going to cost X with all costs included, I.m not gonna raise the price for the next Protected content , 'I'm not in the country at the momen but I hired a n agent - arbnb - to take care of all topics - it's a third sign of the fraud. Then the schemes can vary: in one case they offered me to send my data (ID, fiscal number, etc) and explained that in case of my interest I will need to transfer a 'deposit' to some specific account which will be retained by airbnb, at the same moment, as soon as airbnb receives the money the owner will transfer them the keys and the airbnb agent would give them to me. Afterwards I would have 2 weeks to decide weather I like the apartment or request the money otherwise. The second version was - that they would give me an e-mail (something like Protected content and I would need to contact this e-mail with the reference number of the apartment provided by the 'owner'. I gues in this case they would also request some kind of 'depositing'... anyway, it's a fraud guys. Be careful!

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