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Help: Understanding Health Insurance (Milan)

Hello, I'm very new to InterNations, but it turns out I need some Expat advice.

I've been in Milan for over a year now, and I am covered by INA - Assitalia for foreigners. As I understand it's an emergency policy only. (I'm not very prone to health problems so it seemed like a good choice at the time.)

I'm realizing in the past few days my Wisdom Teeth are coming in, and I definitely want to get it checked out. I do not have an international insurance policy from the States. At the moment I'm only covered by INA.

My real question here is this: 1. Would this wisdom teeth episode constitute as an "energency"? (I'm guessing not), and 2. is it true that by paying Protected content I'm covered for a calendar year by the Italian Health Care system? In which case, I'm sure I'd be covered for any such procedures, since, I'm assuming this procedure would be costly out of pocket.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, many of my Italian friends don't know what to tell me on the topic! While I've been living abroad for quite a few years, I've never had to deal with anything like this, so I'm a bit concerned about the process.

Thanks in advance for you advice!


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