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Help with where to live (Milan)

My husband, 4 boys, and myself are moving to Milan in the fall. They'll be attending the American School and I'll be working in Brugherrio.

We found two places and are torn.

The first one is in the city right near Porta Venezia Metro. Pros: My husband can drop the kids off at the bus stop and have so much to do. Museums, volunteering, etc. We’d really like to experience the city while we’re living there. Cons: It’s ½ hour away from the school so if he had to drive back and forth for activities, etc. it would be a further drive. Also hardly any space for the kids to play outside.

The other is outside the city in an expat community called Borgo di Vione. Pros: Lots of families with kids going to the same school. Built in friends for us and the kids, huge areas for the kids to run around, community pool. Very close to school. Cons: Could really be a development in the US. My husband is afraid that the kids will be at school and he’ll be bored. Further drive to work for me.

Any advice?

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