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Italian visa assistance (Milan)


Hello all,
Sorry in advance for the long post!

I am from the USA, and I am currently here as a tourist, but my 90 days ends this month.

I would like to apply for a visa, but I need some help. Before I came to Italy, I applied twice for Italian visas, and was rejected both times. The first that I applied for was the Elective Residence visa, but when I went to the Italian consulate in Boston to give them my paperwork to review, they rejected me on the spot, saying I did not have enough money (I had enough to live in Milano for 3 years at least).

Frustrated, I began emailing the Consulate General in Boston to see if there is another visa that is more appropriate for my situation.

I own my own business (A shoe company/brand), which I have just started. The business is based in the USA, but the products are Made in Italy (why I am here). I need to be in Italy to oversee the production, which takes longer than 3 months (the amount of time someone can stay as a tourist).

I cannot apply for a work visa, because I do not work for an Italian company, I was rejected for a Business visa, because that requires a steady income, which, if any of you have a startup, is not possible at this point.

Any information that you can give would be greatly appreciated, even if it is the name of someone who may be able to help, or where in Milano I can speak to a government official about options.

Grazie mille!

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