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Looking for co-founders / partners in Milan

We'd like to put it simple, to avoid getting contacts from time-wasters:

1) We would like to start three of four web projects (one of them is about European B2B platform - like alibaba, but focused on the products made in Europe only: - quality - green - bio etc. The second is about building a wiki for/about common people, third is a a transhumanism online portal / life extension, fourth a european house repair portal for the small client and fifth is building an hardware portable multisensor device which can scan for biological threats like radiations, bad chemical elements in food, pollution in air, measure the quality of air / water, and many other sensors all in one).

2) Like we share our ideas with you, we would like you to share yours, so you are very welcome to bring in your own plan which we can evaluate and build together.

3) We are not paying any salary to anybody at the beginning, but we are going to sign an official contract in the presence of a notary which will entitle you of a certain amount of shares related to the project. However, we understand that it is hard to survive without paying the bills until the project starts running, so we will think about a way to pay some small monthly rewards upon milestones completion.

4) We can have access to some initial funding coming from small private investors, about 5 to 6 people for a total of about 100.000 €

5) We already have a room where we could start, with all necessary tools (internet high speed, unlimited phone calls, printer, etc)

6) We are looking for people with BALLS, who also consider themselves small entrepreneurs, who have some INITIATIVE, who don’t need to be always told what to do.

7) We are open to consider ANY person/skill and ANY offer, however, the candidates should ideally correspond to these requirements:

Quite fluent in Italian and at least OKEY in English.
Minimum 25 years old, maximum 45
Available from NOW, at least for 5 hours per day.
Located and living in MILANO (if you’re from another city, at least you should have a car)
Ready to work HARD (it means even during the weekends and national holidays)
Example of positions that we need: webmasters, marketers, visionaries, chiefs, financial advisors, business planners, creatives, graphic designers, video makers and so on.

We do not care about school degrees, we care about COURAGE and that you want to do something with your life by working in a small company that is YOURS, where you can become somebody important and essential, not just a pathetic slave of a multinational company that is paying you peanuts.

Let’s build OUR COMPANY!

if you are interested, please drop me few lines at Protected content with your phone number and I will give you a free call back. Emails without a phone contact will be trashed.

Please , if you are not sure, do not waste yours and our time ! Thank you!

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