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Milan after the lockdown

Dear friends,
my name is Saman, Italian-Iranian, I've been living in Milan city for 15 years, where worked for Expo Protected content . I volunteered for UEFA in the Champions League Finals, so I had the opportunity to work in cities like Kyiv and Madrid ğŸŒŽ 🌍 🌏
I work as residence manager in Cascina Vione (aka Borgo Vione), a complex near Milan, where many expats live. We were lucky to spend the lockdown period in a place with huge open spaces and gardens, all smart working or attending lessons online: so residents were able to play with kids in the own garden, have a walk with pets, do jogging near home, ... Despite the fame of a gated community, paradoxically there was more freedom "within the walls" rather than outside. 🏡
Now I see that most probably no one will move to Italy in the next year, since companies and employers do prefer smart working in their countries, even with different time zone. On the other side, after the lockdown ended, I see many expats and also Italians planning to move outside of the city. When they come to see our houses, I ask them: - "Why do you want to leave Milan city?" And they answer: - "Fashion events are suspended. Cinemas, theatres, stadium, are all closed. Restaurants and coffeeshops have capacity limitations. Our children can't go to school and Universities, since they're close yet. And we prefer not to travel with mass transit. So... Why not leave the city, if we can't live the city?" 👀
Do you agree? I'm very interested in you opinion, it will be very helpful to understand the trend of the expats.
Grazie 🙏

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