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Mortgage credit (finanziamento ipotecario) in Ital (Milan)

Hello everybody!

I wanted to ask if somebody knows anything about private montage credit companies in Italy. Maybe famous companies sites, how it works or you can advice me someone who can help and explain.

In 2 words: There are already such companies in some countries in Europe. And they are thinking to launch it in Italy. The company deals with mortgage crediting and at the beginning it is necessary to see all advantages and disadvantages also as compared with bank crediting, how it works and so on, how strongly it exists already in Italy, if it worths it or not.
Of course there will be a stronger and more serious research, but at the beginning if you could head me the right direction, I would be very thankful to you, as me personally im far from all the financial details/crediting and so on.
Any comments and advice will be helpful.

Thank you in advance!

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