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Need a competent Immigration lawyer ASAP (Milan)

I am living in Milan, have residency in Italy and a textile business registered in Italy with a business partner. However, my business partner is Pakistani.
I need a competent Immigration lawyer to help us apply for either a blue card or any other most suitable visa for my partner so that he can reside in Italy and travel in and out.

We contacted a law firm from Palermo in February and so far they are not even sure what documents we need and what visa is best. We have been going in circles for months while they keep changing their minds about what we should be doing.
Our case is not so difficult and we are willing to put all our effort into this and follow the lawyer's instructions 100%. However, we need a lawyer who is truly competent and knows what we should do.

If you are an immigration lawyer or know of a competent immigration lawyer, please let me know.

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