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Need some information about Milan

Hi all,

I am a single male, 51 yrs, moving to Milan in Dec. I will be grateful to have some information from those familiar with the city. My place of work will be in San Donato, so keeping this in mind, and the need to live close to the underground railway line to reduce traveling time to office,

1. What is the best area to live? A friend suggested near the "Puerta Roma" station (says not too crowded or noisy, yet close enough to bars and restaurants, 10 min to San Donato). Another suggested between Turati and Republica due to proximity to the park and about 20 min to San Donato. So, which do you think is better for a guy like me who is not really into a lot of night life and needs to concentrate on work and writing (I am an author too). And if anyone can give me a rough estimate of what to expect in terms of rental in these areas (or any other you would like to suggest) for a two bedroom flat, fully furnished.

2. Can you give me an idea of cost of living for a single male with a decent (but not lavish) lifestyle?

3. Is it possible to find housekeepers for one or two days a week, Protected content ? How much would be expected in terms of salary?

4. What would a medium size car cost, both for new and used?

5. Any tips?suggestions?

Thank you for your time and help.


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