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Permanent VISA for Italy (Milan)

Hello people. Can anyone of you help me please. Starting next year, I will study at the university of Milan - Economics and Finance. I am a non EU-citizen and my VISA will be of course limited only for the study - about 2 years (if I defense the thesis later then my VISA will be prolonged till the finish of the defense). I am interested in staying in Italy, Milan and continue to work. The problem is that I hear a lot that finding a job is extremely hard in Italy and especially for once who are non EU-citizen. Moreover, my university doesn't bolster or encourage it's students to find a job and do internships by helping to prolong the VISA after graduation. Let's say I study quite excellent and learn perfect Italian by the time of graduation, how are the chances to find a job (related to Finance, Banking) in Milan where the companies will support me to get the permanent VISA. Thank you people, please answer, this is a very essential issue for me.

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