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Please help (Milan)

Hello all,
I've posted on this forum before looking for a job in Milan. Well, it's been months and I've been unable to. It's been difficult to find a company or business willing to sponsor an American for a work visa and I've exhausted all options. My plan was to move to Milan with my girlfriend. Well guess what? She's in Milan and I'm still in the states searching for a way to get over and be with her without having to leave after 90 days. I was denied dual citizenship and now I'm looking for a miracle. I will literally do anything, any work at all. I have a bachelors in English, associates in biology, chemistry and business so I am educated. Ideally, I would like to teach somebody English as a foreign language but anything would be amazing. I just need somebody willing to go through the paperwork for a visa and to trust that I will be an asset to whatever position they hire me for. I'm typing this out with the faith that somebody out there would be selfless enough and willing to take a chance on me so that I can begin a career in Milan and be with the girl I so desperately miss before she disappears forever.

Thank you all.

Justin DeGarbo
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