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Relocating to Busto (Milan)

Hi there,
After 5 long years living in London, I am about to relocate to Busto Arsitzio with my Italian husband. I do not speak Italian.. yet.. and I am very worried about how I am going to integrate but more importantly how I am going to earn money.
I have been running 3 of my own small businesses in London over the past 4 years and also working full time so I am not adverse to a bit of hard work. I would love to hit the ground running as soon as I arrive in Busto and set up 2 small businesses, 1: selling homemade cupcakes in the local town market, However, I am unsure if the Italian food regulations all this kind of trade of homemade confectionary? and also, 2: Selling my range of handmade jewellery to local boutiques, however, I need to find a sales person to sell my work on my behalf to local shops which is a financial outlay I cannot afford.
I am wondering if anyone has any idea on the Food Trading Standards in Milan / Busto that might prohibit me from selling homemade cupcakes in a market and I am also wondering if anyone knows of any shop owners who may be interested in viewing / stocking my range of jewellery? I am happy to pay a finders fee if anyone can provide me with an introduction that leads to paid work.
Any advice would be much appreciated.
Very many thanks

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