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Super Sales Representative Available! (Milan)

Enquiring about a possible job vacancy.

To whom it concerns,

My name is Jonathan Björkman and I am writing to you to introduce myself, working within the fashion industry for 10 years and being in a prime age of 25 years. I am now a resident in Milan and looking for a vacancy in sales.

I have made numerous contributions to my former employers that have benefited the bottom line. Those accomplishments are derived from my exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, strong attention to detail and unparalleled work ethic. In addition to managing sales and closing deals, I have also been part of an industry that understands each sale is inherently a critical component of a broader long-term growth and steady gains in market share. Working with Canali for more than two years, gave me direct indications of how to read body language, create interest, desire and lead into action; establishing relationships with the most influential clients in the world.

I am currently looking to develop my skills further in sales, but also have a great deal of other experiences with work assignments for companies such as Guccigroup and 40 winks, during my years in London. I enjoy working hard, and thrive on the challenges of a busy creative environment. Being a student of Italian on a daily basis, (International House) having reached a humble pre-intermediate level. Other than a modest Italian, I have a mother of tongue in Swedish, fluent in English and a basic understanding of Spanish (Danish & Norwegian).
Looking forward to hear from future employers, would also be glad to provide with any additional information and references needed. Thank you for the consideration.

Jonathan Björkman
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